"Just one  drop of water creates countless ripples, so does one gesture of kindness or love change countless lives"

- Randi G. Fine

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What To Expect At Your Visit

Are you looking for a program that provides quality results, affordable, and individually tailored to meet your specific needs? If so, you made the right choice. Clear Focus Counseling provides a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment to enhance your development. You will discover effective self-improvement methods, ways to practice socially acceptable behaviors, and deal with triggers that cause anger. You will learn to identify aggressive or destructive behaviors, and inappropriate parenting choices. CFC is certified to meet the program requirements for court-ordered and domestic violence reconciliation.


Timothy Gilmore, Psy.D.

- B.S.W., M.S., Psy.D., CAMF -

Timothy Gilmore, often referred to as Dr. G, is the founder of CFC and has worked for the Los Angeles Community College District for over 20 years as a Professor of psychology and an Academic Advisor. He is always focused on helping others achieve a better mental state, improved relationships while providing encouraging guidance in reaching one's personal goals.
 Dr. G received a Bachelor of Social Work and Master's in Counseling Education from California State University Los Angeles and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Ryokan College. He has served on the board of directors for various non-profit agencies serving people with intellectual disabilities and the homeless population. He is a Certified Anger Management Specialist-II and member through the National Anger Management Association (NAMA), and a member of the Association of Batters Intervention Programs (ABIPS). His motto:

 "Exceeding expectations one client at a time." Feeling a bit down lately, and nothing seems to lift your spirits? It might be time to seek help from a professional. CFC Couples Therapy sessions help patients develop positive attitudes towards life's most complex and challenging circumstances. Contact us today and let us help you find the best in you as well as in your relationships.


Services Offered

Exceeding expectations one client at a time


Private 1 on 1 Counseling

In my therapy sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behavior. I will help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. I’m confident you’ll find my personalized Private Counseling beneficial and inspirational. Get in touch to book an appointment.


Group Anger Management

Feeling a bit down lately and nothing seems to lift your spirits? It might be time to seek help from a certified professional. My Couples Therapy sessions help patients develop positive attitudes towards life’s most complex and challenging circumstances. Contact me today and let me help you find the best in yourself.


Other Services (Online or In-Person)

  • Certified Private Individual and Group  Life Coaching Anger,Grief

  • Couples and Family Counseling

  •  Certified Court-Ordered or Self-Referral Anger Management Classes

  • Court-Ordered or Self-Referral Domestic Violence Classes  (Coming Soon)

  • Court-Ordered or Self-Referral Parenting Classes (Coming Soon)

Paragliding in the Mountains

"I also came to realize that if people could make me angry they could control me. Why should I give someone else such power over my life"     

– Ben Carson

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